Dior Clothing T-Shirt Apricot Color Blue Dark White Embroidery Cotton Knitting Vintage Short Sleeve

Dior Clothing T-Shirt Apricot Color Blue Dark White Embroidery Cotton Knitting Vintage Short Sleeve

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DIOR Little Dinosaur Pocket Round Neck Short Sleeve\r
On sale colors: navy blue, apricot white\r
⚠️Original purchase price of ¥9,400, cotton slub jersey fabric, this season’s theme pattern patch , Dr embroidery, chest patch pocket, hole craftsmanship, ribbed round neck#Full set of new hangtags equipped\r
#Pure cotton slub knitted fabric\r
Cotton slub jersey The fabric is mainly made of pure cotton yarn; the organizational structure usually adopts plain weave. The yarn is made of fine yarn, which is thinner and has higher twist, which can improve the quality and comfort of the fabric. The fabric has the characteristics of staggered warp and weft yarns, stable structure, and smooth surface. \r
The cotton slub jersey fabric has a soft texture, comfortable touch, will not irritate the skin, and has good wrinkle resistance and portability. The overall structure of the fabric is stable and not easy to deform and wear, so it has a long service life. \r
#CD pocket needle embroidery craft\r
Needle embroidery is a commonly used embroidery stitch. The stitches have strong lines and three-dimensionality, are lively and cover the whole area. Good sex. By adjusting the shape and size of the embroidery frame, the density of stitches and gradient density can be adjusted. The simple use of density can produce artistic effects of varying shades and sparseness,\r
#fine wool needle embroidery patch pattern\r
Contrast-dyed soft fine wool material and brightly colored wool, This enhances the aesthetics of the finished product. Patterns are formed by inserting stitches, giving a unique texture and artistic effect. The overall pattern ensures that the crossing and overlapping of wool threads are reasonable and beautiful to enhance the artistic effect of the finished product. \r
#The whole piece is positioned and washed with holes design\r
Combining “holes” and “knitted” elements, the irregular whole-body hole design makes simple garments rebellious The sense of destruction of design. The stone grinding and washing process locates the holes, and the ready-to-wear products use the stone grinding machine laser positioning to manually destroy the wear effect. After being washed by stone grinding, it can show a strong retro atmosphere, allowing the natural wear and tear of the fabric to achieve the most harmonious visual effect.

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